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Announcing RGL 6s Season 10 Playoffs

   virgil   - 11/3/2022

SFM By MetalCloud, Edited by Raos

All regular season matches must be played by November 26th, 2022 at the latest.

The playoffs format for each division will be as follows:
  • Invite: Top 4 Double Elim (Single Weekend)
  • Advanced: Top 4 Double Elim
  • Main: Top 8 Single Elim
  • IM: Top 8 Single Elim
  • AM: Top 16 Single Elim
  • NC: Top 6 Single Elim

The first default day for playoffs will be November 28th, and the final day to play matches will be December 22nd at 11:59 EST.


As a reminder, ringers must follow our guidelines, specifically for those after roster lock, [1009.4.3] - Ringers After Roster Locks.

Invite Playoffs

Invite playoffs will take place on December 10th-11th. The bracket will follow a traditional top 4 double elimination bracket, and all matches will take place across those two days. The first two rounds will take place on December 10th, and Semi- and Grand Finals will take place on the 11th.

General Reminders

  • Any minor penalties incurred during playoffs will reduce prize earnings by 10%, and major penalties incurred will reduce prize earnings by 30%. For more information on how penalties are modified during playoffs, check here.
  • Forfeits during playoffs will result in a 50% reduction in earnings.
  • Any players that fail to submit POV demos during playoffs will result in a second offense at a minimum, even if the player has no previous offenses.
  • Map pick/bans must be completed 36 hours before the scheduled match time. Failure to do so can result in the team delaying pick/bans to lose their picks.
  • Admins will encourage teams to avoid forfeits, and any team that forfeits will lose 50% of earnings.

Prize Pool Breakdown