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RGL LAN Update #5: Spectator Passes, LAN Rules, And Seating Chart

   exa   - 7/31/2022
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For more information about the event.

RGL Discord

For LAN-related discussions, announcements, and travel and lodging coordination.

LAN Merch

To help support/fund the LAN event.

The RGL LAN will be scheduled to occur on the weekend of August 6th to August 7th (Saturday and Sunday). This will be three weeks after the regular season to allow the playoff teams to prepare by booking flights and hotels. As it is being held on a weekend, it will be a two-day event. Day 1 will cover the first round and semifinals of playoffs. Day 2 will cover the lower bracket finals and grand finals.

The top 4 North American teams will be competing for the share of a $5,820 USD prize pool.

Specator Passes

Planning to attend the RGL 2022 LAN August 6-7 at Helix eSports Foxborough, MA? Weekend Specator Passes are now available for purchase online for $20!

While you're at it, grab some merch and choose venue pick-up to avoid shipping costs!

LAN Rules

The purpose of this document is to detail what is expected of players at any RGL in-person LAN event. The rules will be enforced by administrator discretion, and these rules serve as a guideline for how these decisions are made. We strive to have a fair and balanced ruleset, so note these rules are subject to change.

Seating Chart

The document above explains how the seating chart for players and spectators will be organized.

The document above explains how the seating chart for players and spectators will be organized.

There will be a dedicated seating area for spectators of the LAN highlighted in brown.

For players, the LAN will consist of four areas

On the stage: Section A (Red) Section B (Yellow)
Lower Bowl: Section C (Green) Section D (Blue)

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