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Season 9 Map Confirmation & Admin List

   reno   - 5/18/2022

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Map Pool Confirmation

With the upcoming season, we have decided to adopt a three koth map pool, with the removal of Reckoner. We will be seeing the return of koth_bagel for the season 9 map pool.

This makes the final order:

Invite/Advanced Map Pool

Invite will be using the same map pool as season 8:

Major League Changes

  • 6s 5cp configs will now override the round timer to 5-minutes (previously 10-minutes). Installation for the latest version of the RGL plugins can be found here.
  • The option for a pick/ban was asked for Advanced, with the following results:

  • Advanced for season 9 will adopt a pick/ban system with the same map pool as invite. Matches will still be scheduled the same for Advanced, and the same pick/ban rules Invite follows is expected to be used.

Major Invite Changes

  • Invite will be 8 teams this season. This is to allow enough time for Invite teams at the end of their season to plan for the upcoming LAN.
  • Invite will have their playoffs completed in a single offline weekend LAN on August 6th - August 7th.

Invite Qualifiers

  • Qualifiers will begin on May 16th to May 20th.
  • Matches are played as two maps. Each map will be played in full (2 halfs for 5cp, 2 or 3 halfs for koth).
  • All ringers that are not on a roster will be required to get approval by the enemy team, and either virgil (virgil#5087) or reno (reno#0019).
  • Golden caps, if needed, will be played with mp_timelimit 10. If neither team has taken the round when time runs out, the team that owns mid will take the map.
  • Teams in qualifiers will earn 1 point per map taken. The top two teams with the most points will qualify into invite. If needed, ties will be broken based on head to head and then (rounds taken)/(rounds played).
  • Should a team die early enough in the season, the next in line qualifier team will take their spot.

Staff Changes

Your division admin and moderator will serve as the primary points of contact for your division. For issues during matches you may find quicker support through a ticket in Discord, as admins not playing matches will be able to respond there.

This season, we are saying goodbye to our previous Invite mod Scream, and Advanced admin/mod dave2. We are welcoming Jercer to the team as our next AM mod!

Below is the final staff list for Season 8:

Admin: virgil (virgil#6969)
Moderator: reno (reno#0019)

Admin: nyna (nyna#4564)

Admin: ZoomxZe (ZoomxZe#9993)
Moderator: Spazz (Spazz#9847)

Admin: Fluey (fluey#0001)
Moderator: Fleskore (Fleskore#0160)

Admin: camp3r (camp3r#0001)
Moderator: jercer (Jercer#6410)

Admin: Kitty (Kitty™#5889)
Moderator: Fleskore (Fleskore#0160)

Final Reminders

As a reminder to all teams, please make sure your players are paid up and your roster is ready before May 22nd.

As the staff list for the upcoming season will continue to shift, the best way to get in touch with us regarding any questions you have is to make a support ticket in the official RGL.gg discord. Don’t hesitate to reach out should you need anything clarified or fixed.

To be scheduled, your team must have at least six players rostered, be marked as “Ready” and have division fees paid as necessary by May 22nd, 11:59EST. Please reach out to us ASAP if you have any issues doing this.

Best of luck!