Prolander Cup #7 Additional Information

   HappyPurple   - 12/10/2021

Hello Players,

The cup will take place on December 11th and 12th. Matches will begin at 3pm eastern time on both days. Servers will not be provided so be sure to make suitable arrangements. Matches are expected to be completed by 7pm eastern time. New team registration ends December 10th, there are no roster locks. If a team takes too long to get a match started (more than 15 minutes) they're at risk of forfeiting that match.

Day 1

Day one (Saturday December 11th) is a swiss tournament on these maps:

Day 2

Day two (Sunday December 12th) Is a single-elimination tournament in which the top 4 teams from each division will compete to win their respective division. Maps will be decided through pick/bans of the 3 maps listed above.

Pick/ban order will be determined by seeding from day 1 as follows:

  • 1. Away bans map
  • 2. Home decides the map


Q: What skill levels can play?
A: All skill levels are welcome

Q: What region is this event?
A: North American (USA, Mexico, Canada)

Q: What time do new team signups close?
A: Team Signups close 11:59 PM EST December 10th. There will be no roster locks, but players must be approved by an admin before joining a team after team signups close.

Q: Where can I find servers?
A: Teams are required to provide servers for matches they're marked as the home team. RGL recommends using a gameserver rental service that is able to provide free or cheap game server rentals, rather than renting a server monthly. RGL recommends and both services offer free and paid server rentals for TF2 competitive

Q: How can I find/create a team?
A: Make a LFT post in the RGL discord, and check out the registration page

Q: I have more questions
A: Please open a Cup support ticket in the RGL Discord. and we will assist you as soon as we can.