Misconduct FAQ

   exa   - 11/9/2022
Does the Report Committee look at cases that are not reported?

All of these cases are user-submitted reports with evidence being provided by the individual who filed the report.

Admins do not condone witch-hunting reports or the use of evidence to witch hunt players -- these cases have been thrown out. Likewise, admins do not scour for evidence for a player that has not been reported by an individual.

This form of report abuse by witch-hunting only serves to disturb or disrupt the work of the admin team, which is why we have placed less scrutiny on such cases or have asked players to tone down their involvement with reporting immaterial issues, This is explained more in our witch-hunting and report abuse sections found here.

How are reports reviewed?

It should be reiterated that each week, the admin team receives numerous reports (often totaling 16+ on busy weeks). As such, we have had to increase the number of staff to go over these cases. We created a committee for the 6v6 and Highlander format to assist in verifying information, providing their input and opinions regarding these cases, and suggesting a ban length for the reports to be reviewed by the head admins before a final decision is made. This section will be to discuss more closely how reports are reviewed, clear some misconceptions, and be transparent about how this process is done.

When a report is sent in through our report page, we receive a notification of this, which is logged and available for the admins of their respective department (e.g. anti-cheat cases are seen by AC members, conduct cases are seen by head admins and the format committees) to view and provide their initial opinions on. For misconduct reports, in particular, format committees now meet once a week to go over these cases. In the meeting. the details and context of a report are explained, information is thoroughly verified, and a discussion is had regarding the course of action to be taken. It is at this stage of discussion that reports may often be discarded as they simply do not fall under the scope of our rules. For reports that do violate our rules, the committees will suggest a ban length that falls under our rules, past precedent cases, and other contexts related to this case. All of these opinions and suggestions are sent to the head admins during their weekly meeting, who will follow a similar process, as well as review information found by the committees before making a final decision for the case.

During this investigation, we will often contact the reporter if we cannot verify the evidence and additional evidence may be sought out from the reporter themselves to aid with the case. Reviewing the numerous reports, having the different committees and head admins all review the cases, and more can be a time-consuming process that takes a considerable amount of staff, patience, and diligence to ensure that each case is dealt with properly and a correct decision is made.

What cases does the Report Committee look over?

The RGL team only looks at user-submitted reports. If you do not file a report, then there is zero chance that we have seen it and are unable to deal with the situation.

To keep bans as transparent and unbiased as possible, players will never be banned based on one admin. Multiple admins carefully review reports before coming together to make a decision.

Is the Report Commitee team related to the Anti-cheat team?

The Report Committee team that handles misconduct reports in the league is a separate department within RGL that consists of a few division admins from each format. This does not mean that all division admins handle the reports (over 16+ in peak weeks) every week. Furthermore, there is no overlap between the Report Committee team and the Anti-Cheat team. As a result, while bans issued for violation of our slur guidelines are issued weekly, cheating bans may take much longer due to the pace on how that department operates (division admins have zero influence or work in this).

Who is on the Report Committee team?

You can view the list here.

Where can I appeal my ban?

The form for appealing indefinite bans, as well as all other bans in RGL can be found here.

Does the Report Committee look over appeals?

No, the Report Committee does not look over appeals. This is reviewed by the head administrators of each format.

I want to report someone for misconduct, what should I do?

First of all, you should try to collect some evidence against the person. You can view the other questions below to know what is considered good and bad evidence.

Once that is done, you should head to our report form, and complete it making sure to respect all the instructions stated on said form:


What do I include in my report?

While making your report, we ask that you provide the information listed below, as explained on the report form:

  • A clear description of the situation
  • Any textual evidence you might have (refer below for guidelines)
  • Any relevant screenshots
  • For cases occurring outside of RGL platforms (e.g. Discord or Steam), a screen video recording of the evidence is HIGHLY PREFERRED.
  • If this happened in Discord, please include a screenshot of the player's Discord ID.
  • If this happened in a scrim or a match, please make sure that you link the logs. Please also supply any demo files capturing the incident if available.

When submitting video or screenshots, here are the requirements:

  • We recommend uploading your recording or images to a website such as Imgur.com, Dropbox YouTube, or Google Drive. Admins reserve the right to decline evidence coming from sources they are not familiar with.
  • Your recording or screenshots should not be edited in any way. This means do not crop, draw or highlight anything.
  • Your recording or screenshots must present your entire screen. To avoid fake evidence, as well as allowing our admins to see what happened in detail, we ask that your recording or screenshot(s) present the full window. You can view examples below.
  • For long text-conversations, which may not fit in an entire screenshot, you have two options:

1. You may copy/paste the entire conversation on pastebin.com. Please make sure that timestamps are on.
2. You may upload multiple screenshots of the conversation, follow the rules stated above.

Please note that RGL admins need to verify all evidence involved to avoid fabricated reports. As such, you may be asked to screen share if the evidence you provided can not be verified (for example, pastebin.com).

How long will it take for the person to get banned or not?

Once your report has been submitted, please allow time for our admins to review your report. A case will normally be looked at within 1-2 weeks.

If you have additional evidence you wish to add to the case, you may submit another report or send it to your division admin, who will then make sure that said evidence is communicated to our Report Committee.