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Frequently Asked Questions

   exa   - 11/9/2022

Getting Started

Creating an Account

  • To create an account, please click on the green "Sign in through" button.
  • After you have logged on, you will be asked to make your Steam profile and game hours public to complete registration.
  • Lastly, you will be asked to type in your username to be used in RGL.

NOTE: Players are limited to only one Steam account in RGL per player. Only an admin can allow you to switch to a new account.

Account Approvals

If you receive a registration error citing that your account has been flagged as an alternate account, please head over to our Discord and file a site support ticket in our #support channel to get this removed.


How to find a team to join

Finding a team is not hard, but it does require you to put in a little effort.

New Players to Competitive:

We encourage you to make a post in the websites Looking For Team (LFT) section and also post in our Discord #lft channel.

You should also contact leaders of teams who need a player. You can find them listed in the Teams Looking for Players (LFP) section and also the LFP section of our Discord #lfp channel.

Experienced Players to Competitive:

We particularly encourage you to make a thread on the RGL LFT forums section. This will allow you to advertise yourself to higher-profile teams.

Browsing the LFP section of the forums will also present you with many teams that are looking to recruit players.

When does the next season start?

Once all the grand finals matches for the current season have concluded, the offseason will begin. Each offseason is normally around 4-weeks long. After this offseason break, the next season will start.

How do I make and run a team?

Registering a Team

1. To register a team, please head over to the registration page.
2. Click on "Create Team". From here, you can choose your team name, team tag, as well as the password for others to join the roster. If you are signing up for admin placement, there will be an additional option to choose your team's preferred division.
3. Once your team is fully registered, your team will be visible on our league table.
4. Players will be able to join your team by clicking the "Join Team" button found on your team page and entering the team password.
5. Once a player has entered the team password, the team leader can accept the join request. This can be managed through the "Manage Approvals" page, which can be accessed through the team leader panel.
6. When the accepted player has joined your roster, they will be considered a "NEW" player for 18 hours. They will be considered a ringer and not a fully rostered player until after this duration.
7. Please make sure you have the minimum amount of players for the format that you are signing up for. Once the above is done, please head over to "Edit Team Info" on your team page and set your team status to "Ready". Your team will be placed into a division and be scheduled for matches the week before the first week of the regular season.

What are the differences between a starter, substitute, and ringer?

A starter is a player on a team that plays the majority of the matches for a team during the season.
A substitute is a player on a team that fills in and acts as a replacement to a starter that may be missing for a particular matchday.
A ringer is a non-rostered player that fills in and acts as a replacement to a team that may not have any available substitutes for a match.

If you need a ringer for your match, look in our #ringers channels in our Discord, separated by division. Be sure to consult the rules about ringers before you get a ringer

Match Days

Match days can be found on the registration pages for the respective formats here:

Team Forfeiture

For a team to request a forfeit, a match must be past the default start time or is paused. The team requesting a forfeit must have a full team on the server for 15 minutes and the team must be clear that they are wanting to start the match or unpause before the request. The 15-minute timer starts when one team has all their players on their side present, it is past the default match time, and the team has announced their intention to start the match.

What this means is that your team cannot be silent and then 15 minutes after match time attempt to request a forfeit win. However, if your team early on states to the other captain through direct message or in-game chat that you do not wish to wait past the allotted time, that would be grounds for obtaining a forfeit win.

If you've made your intentions clear, then you can start the process of requesting a match forfeit. To request a forfeit, you can copy this exact text below into in-game chat or DM. You should also contact an Admin and inform them that you are starting this process.

"We are 15 minutes past the match/pause start time and have made it clear that we wish to start. We will get a forfeit win if you do not ready-up or unpause in the next 5 MINUTES, per RGL rules. You must have the minimum required number of players on your team in order to start the match. If you do not ready up or unpause in time, we will get a forfeit."

If the enemy team does not start up in time, you will receive a “confirmation” from the admin and you may leave the match server.

Should a team request a forfeit win without having a full team for 15 minutes or request a forfeit without giving the opposing team a clear 5 minute warning their forfeit request will be rejected.

Mid-Match Disputes

If players have disputes mid-match, they can reach out to their division admin/moderator to resolve any issues a team may have. If your division admin/moderator is unavailable, please reach out to other admins/moderators in your format. Minor disputes or issues may be solved quickly, such as but not limited to: removing a player that is not rostered, unconfirmed/denied ringers, or incorrect config. Should arbitration take longer than 20 minutes(15-minutes max pause limit + 5-minutes extra time), teams are expected to play out the match and wait for a resolution after the match to prevent a rash decision being made.

Issues, such as full match/playoffs replays, mid-game forfeit wins, round overturns, etc. likely will take longer than 20-minutes and teams will be informed of the final decision after a thorough investigation is done.

Submitting Match Scores

After you play a match, your team leader must report scores using the match comms page.


To receive a medal:
  • You must have been rostered during at least half of the games played
  • The team must have completed the season
  • The team must not have any major penalties
  • If it’s in a paid division, you have been fully paid up

Medal distribution is dependent upon design submissions being accepted by Valve and the free time of administrators to distribute the medals. Valve’s acceptance time varies greatly as it mostly depends on TF2 properly accepting medals without glitches, errors, and clipping issues. After the medal has been accepted, distribution can be done by administrators.

Please be mindful of the fact that administrators have other responsibilities so it might take some time to get the medals distributed. Should you be missing a medal for a season after medals have been distributed to everyone, please contact your division admin so they can confirm and send you a medal.

Currently, Valve is NOT accepting ANY new medals for the foreseeable future due to an abundance of random event medals. So, while we would like to add new medals into the game and have new medal designs ready until Valve allows medal submissions again, it is not likely to occur.

Should you be missing a medal for a particular season or format, please head over to our Discord and file a misc. support ticket in our #support channel to receive your medal.

How do I setup and use a server for my match?

Do not give out the RCON password to others!
IMPORTANT:: Anyone who has access to the RCON password can potentially maliciously affect the server. The home team (who was given the server) is responsible for protecting the RCON password. Do not share it with the other team.

Connecting to the Server's RCON

rcon_password xxxx // Access the rcon cvar
rcon sv_password [password] // puts a password on the server

Changing Maps

For Stopwatch (payload | attack/defend)
rcon exec rgl_hl_stopwatch (Highlander), rcon exec rgl_7s_stopwatch (Prolander)
rcon changelevel [mapname]

rcon exec rgl_6s_koth (Traditional 6s), rcon exec rgl_hl_koth (Highlander), rcon exec rgl_7s_koth (Prolander)
rcon changelevel [mapname]

For 5cp
rcon exec rgl_6s_5cp_match_half1
rcon changelevel [mapname]

IMPORTANT: Make sure to execute the config (e.g. rgl_koth/rgl_stopwatch) before changing the map. If you execute the config after changing the map, STV will not be set up properly and will not show up in spec.

Other Commands

rcon kick "X" // kicks player by name
rcon kickid [userid] // kicks player by user ID
- Use in conjunction with the status command to kick players with difficult names.

Non-RCON Commands

- Retrieves the steam and user IDs of all players on the server. This can be used to make sure that you aren't playing against any unexpected opponents.
- A pause is used when a player is disconnected in the middle of a match or is having technical difficulties. Typing pause in the console will pause the game, allowing the player to reconnect. Once the player reaches the "Retrieving server info..." stage, make sure to type unpause in the console to allow the player to get back in the game.

Connect info

Getting the connection info is very easy. It looks like
connect [ip address]; password [password]

For example, let's say the servers IP was:
And the password that you set was: bootypirate
Remember: The password is the server password (sv_password) NOT the RCON password!

The connect info would be:
connect; password bootypirate

What do I do if I need an Admin?

Contacting an Admin

Our current list of admins and staff is shown here.

If it is just a general question make sure to check our rules section. The best way to contact admins is through our public Discord.

Please use our ticketing system in the #support channel to get into contact with the desired admin that you need to contact.

Demo Requests

Division admins will sometimes request a demo from a player on a team by asking the team leader. The player who has been requested to submit demos should upload their demo file (.dem) to Google Drive or Dropbox and send a shareable link to their respective division admin.