6s Experimental Map Cup FAQ

   nabla   - 11/22/2019
What days will this event be held?

December 14th and 15th.

What times will matches be held?

Roughly 4pm to 8pm (EST).
Matches will last around 1 hour, with matches being released as the previous set of matches finishes.

What skill level is this cup?

All skill levels are welcome to participate. All teams will register into admin placement and will be placed together into appropriate divisions.

What maps are being played?

The most recent version (by December 13th) of the following maps will be played-
cp_redrock by Daniel
cp_kalinka by Jusa
cp_villa by kevin gator
cp_domain by Quantum

Where do we sign up?


What are the rules?

Rules will mirror regular season rules, with the notable exception of the following:

Two maps are played per match. Only one half is played on each map. Each half is played with a win limit of 5 and time limit of 30. If a tie is present at the end of a half, golden caps are not played and the map should be reported as a tie (day 1 only).

Punctuality will be held to higher scrutiny. Additionally, teams must have 6 players on their roster before registration ends to be entered into the cup. Each team is allowed two ringers maximum. These ringers must be presented to admins or the opposing team leader for approval. Attempts to ring players of inappropriate skill level, successful or not, will be penalized heavily.

How will this cup be ran?

Day one will consist of group stages used to seed day two's bracket. Division sizes may vary based upon sign ups, but it is currently expected for divisions to be between 4 to 8 teams large. The exact format for group stages and bracket will be announced alongside division placement. Only 3 to 4 matches will be played per day.

Will servers be provided?

RGL has a number of servers, and will likely be able to provide servers for matches during the event. As always, players should ensure that their servers are set up correctly. This includes the win limit, time limit, class limits, whitelist, etc.