Experimental HL Cup #2

   exa_   - 3/25/2019

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As the second season of RGL HL has concluded, we are now preparing for the third season! This preseason cup will focus on testing potentially new and viable maps that could be played during the season. It is a three-week tournament for teams / groups of friends of ANY skill level to play. It is also completely free.

We are looking into rewarding participants with medals. Our medals have been accepted by Valve and are still in the process of being shipped in the next TF2 update. Please note that this is an experimental cup for potential maps that could be played during the season. If you are in favor or not of a map being played, we encourage you to sign up, play the cup, and voice your opinions on the forum. This is a way for us to gauge community opinion on the map list. Thanks.

Map Pool and Schedule

Each division will utilize a Swiss structure, which essentially means that the scheduling of the matches each week will be based off seeding. Teams that sign up earlier will have priority in terms of placement and getting a spot into the preseason cup, so please sign up as soon as possible instead of waiting until the deadline.

  • Sign-ups end: April 11th
  • Group stage round 1: April 13th @ Saturday 8:30 PM EST - koth_proside_rc2 – This map is being tested as a potential replacement for koth_lakeside_final
  • Group stage round 2: April 20th @ Saturday 8:30 PM EST - pl_vigil_rc4 – This map is being tested as a potential replacement for a payload map.
  • Group stage round 3: April 27th @ Saturday 8:30 PM EST - koth_synthetic_rc5 – This map is being tested as a potential replacement for a king of the hill map.

Proside and Synthetic will be played best of 7 (first to four) and Vigil will be played best of 3.

NOTE: Invite default match times are at 9:30 PM EST. The latest versions of each map will be played.


Possible FAQ

Q: What servers do we play on?

A: With our partnership with Engineer.tf, we have nine servers that we can distribute out to cover the Open division, which will amount to around 18 matches each week.

For Invite (unless it is a casted match), Main, and Intermediate, teams will need to locate their own servers. It's the responsibility of the home team to locate a server.

If a team does not play on a Saturday night, we will almost certainly be able to provide them a server regardless of division.

We recommend players and teams use na.serveme.tf or cpu.tf to rent a server if they do not own a server. A note about cpu.tf is that it may take upwards of 18 to 25 minutes for the server to wind up, so make sure you rent your server early. These services should have the maps installed and the latest version of the RGL HL configs and whitelists.

You can also rent your own server for only around $10 a month, here are a few different providers.
Ping perfect

Q: What skill levels can play in the Highlander Experimental Cup?

A: All Skill Levels are welcome! Teams will not select their division to play in, but Admins will look at the teams past comp experience and place you with other teams of similar skill. This will help against teams purposefully sandbagging and help make a fun competitive environment for new competitive players, as well as highly experienced players.

When we are deciding what divisions to place teams in. We will weight a team’s skill level more heavily on their best players and less on their worst.

Q: What does the Experimental Cup mean in relations to the divisions in the standard HL?

A: Although this is a map testing cup, results of returning and potentially new teams for the upcoming season will be looked at to help determine division placement. We encourage all teams to try their best to not only help generate feedback for the new maps, but also to help practice for the next season.

Q: I'm looking for a team to join

A: You can place an ad on our Looking for Team (LFT) section of our website. I suggest you also check out and continue to check out the Looking For Players (LFP) section. This is where teams will post if they are looking for players to join their team.

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