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RGL HL Season 18: Updated Staff List, Map Order, and Survey Results

   Jercer   - 6/2/2024
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Season Dates

Dates for Adv, Main, IM, AM, and NC

  • Regular Season: Mon, Jun 3rd - Mon, Jul 15th (7 Weeks)
  • Roster Locks: Sun, Jul 7th @ 11:59 PM EDT
  • Break for RGL 6s LAN: Mon, Jul 22nd
  • Playoffs: Sun, Jul 28th - Mon, Aug 19th*

*Playoffs dates are subject to change per division based on bracket structure and size

Dates for Invite Only

  • Invite Fees Due: Mon, Jun 3rd
  • Regular Season: Mon, Jun 3rd - Mon, Aug 5th (9 Weeks)
  • Roster Locks: Sun, Jul 28th @ 11:59 PM EDT
  • Break for RGL 6s LAN: Mon, Jul 22nd
  • Playoffs: Sun, Aug 11th - Mon, Aug 19th

Map Pool and Order

Since my last article, there have been some changes to the season's structure in the Invite division. This season, Invite will have 10 teams, and to keep with the Round Robin structure, two extra regular season weeks have been added. In addition to this, playoffs for Invite will be held over two weekends, so that the season length is not extended.

Instead of having the option to play the older version of Cascade instead of Lakeside, Old Cascade is their Week 8 map. For each match in Week 9, the two teams facing one another will chose to play one map again from the pool of eight maps by taking turns banning until one map remains.

See the the updated Map Pool and Order below:

Week 1: pl_vigil_rc10
Week 2: koth_product_final
Week 3: pl_swiftwater_final1
Week 4: koth_ashville_final1
Week 5: pl_upward_f12
Week 6: koth_lakeside_r2
Week 7: cp_steel
Week 8 (Invite Only): koth_cascade_rc1a
Week 9 (Invite Only): Ban/Ban down to 1 Map from the 8 Invite Maps

Season 18 Staff List

We'd like to welcome Colonel Salt to Highlander staff! Please see the complete list of staff for Season 18 below:

Head Admin: Jercer

Division Admins
Invite: yogrrt
Advanced: Xenagos
Main: Ta5K
Intermediate: Bliztank
Amateur: Alltrex
Newcomer: DusterDan35

Division Moderators
Invite: Joey Lemons
Advanced: EvenNine
Main: Vandeer
Intermediate: Justario
Amateur: Krissy
Newcomer: Colonel Salt

Survey Results

Season 17 - Division Questions

Season 17 - Map Questions

Season 17 - Playoffs Structure Questions

Season 17 - Staff Questions

Season 17 - Miscellaneous Questions

Experimental Cup #6 - Questions

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