Season 2 - $4,000 prizepool league is now open!

Prolander is a 7v7 format and each team can only have one of each class. Meaning that at any given time you'll see a majority of the classes in TF2 actually get played! This means that you have to constantly think about what class is best for that moment.

  • Is the enemy spy having a great game?   Switch to pyro to help shut them down.
  • Is their sniper shutting your team down?   Go spy to try and put some pressure onto them.
  • Need to extra defense for the final point?   Run an engineer and heavy to have that extra firepower.

Teams can also choose to go through a Pick/Ban process to figure out what weapons can be used in the match.

Overall it plays like a faster paced, more competitive version of a casual match. is the only TF2 League that has a solo queue sign up! Sign up by yourself or party up with up two friends. You'll automatically be placed on a team at the start of the season.

Recreational League - This is a league open to all skill levels. Great place to start if your new, or to have a more casual comp experience if you already have some comp experience under your belt.

Comp Low League - This is for players who have a decent amount of experience. You'll be placed on a team where you'll fight it out for your share of the $1,000 prizepool!

We try to keep our entry fees low. Other paid tf2 leagues can cost $168 for a seven player team in their lowest division. To register a full team in Comp Low is only $72. Each team will also be given a server to play their match on. No more having to do last minute rentals!

Recreational League

  • Team Create - $5.00
  • Solo Queue - $2.50
  • Player Join - Free

Competitive Low - $1,000 Prizepool

  • Team Create - $16.00
  • Solo Queue - $12.00
  • Player Join - $11.00

Competitive High - $3,000 Prizepool

  • Team Create - $22.00
  • Player Join - $17.00

Pick/Ban Prolander is played primarily on Payload and King of the Hill maps.

Season 2 Map List:

  • Upward
  • Badwater
  • Borneo
  • Pro Viaduct
  • Ashville

The best selling point for our league is to try out the format. That is why we host free public PUGs, which are hosted consistently through out the week.

Join or public discord channel @ and join our steam group @ We'll annouce when we start up the PUGs. Simply join Pick-up waiting channel and you'll be guaranteed a spot into the next match.

Looking to join an existing team? Or Looking to for a player to add to your team?

Check out our looking for team section of the site

Currently this league is for North America only.

We're happy to lend support to leagues in other regions who are interested in the format. If you want to see Prolander in your region, contact your local league organizer and let them know you're interested in it.

Europe - ETF2L - Contact e-mail:

AUS - Ozfortress - Contact e-mail:

AUS/EU/NA - UGC - Contact e-mail:

Take the dive into this fresh, fun format of Comp TF2 and join our positive community by registering today!

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