TF2 Newbie Cup Admins


  Name Joined Left
Leader The MartBomb 6/4/2018
(CY9) Luigmas 6/10/2018
[Fellas] Jimbob Doohicky 6/15/2018
Reki 6/18/2018
vixxhs 7/1/2018
[Fellas] Rocko7927 6/10/2018
hermy 6/15/2018
Nepped 6/15/2018
Plank 6/18/2018
The Little Green Man, Clayton 6/22/2018 6/25/2018
Smokey 6/15/2018 7/15/2018
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Past Seasons

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Team Penalties

Type When Why Points Against
MINOR 7/13/2018 forfeited fourth-week match against "Midheaven" This is their first Forfeit of the season. 0.00