Les Incompetents


  Name Joined Left
Leader _Rylo! 5/30/2018
mr. bonana 5/30/2018
ShinyDemocrat 6/6/2018
Lan Nguyen 6/6/2018
A_Superman01 6/8/2018
AllALoon 5/30/2018
Burst | DNF 6/2/2018 7/16/2018
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Past Seasons

Team does not have past seasons

Team Penalties

Type When Why Points Against
MINOR 6/22/2018 Forfeited Week 1 Match 0.00
MINOR 6/29/2018 forfeited second-week match against "Les Incompetents" due to not being online. This is their first Forfeit of the season. 0.00