HL Region Wars #1


Match Date
08/31/2019 03:00 PM EDT
Default Date
08/31/2019 03:00 PM EDT

Home 2.33
Away 0.67

Match Comms


exa_ Admin
 08/27/2019 03:22 AM EDT
Welcome to the Group Stage Round 1 of the Region Wars Cup. The map played will be Product. The config you will want to use for your match will be "exec rgl_hl_koth". Please remember that every match server is required to have the Uber Saving medic plugin, it is both teams responsibility to make sure the server you play on has this feature in order to avoid issues during pauses. This match will be played in a best of seven, so the first team to win two full halves will win the match.

Good luck and have fun in the cup, please let an admin know if you have any questions!

exa_ Admin
 08/30/2019 03:01 PM EDT
This match will be casted and a server will be provided for you to play on. If you wish to reschedule this match, please do not hesitate to contact an admin.

Match time cannot be changed on the day of the match.

Any player streaming the match must be on a 3 minute delay.

We suggest that if you stream the match on a delay, then you should restart your stream after the match. So you can more easily interact with the new people checking out your stream.

Correct Aliases

During casted matches, Invite player names must match their RGL aliases. Names do not have to be exact, but anyone who glances at your name should be able to instantly understand who you are. Each incorrect username will result in its own minor warning.