Season 3

Week 2 - Coalplant

Match Date
03/01/2018 09:30 PM EST
Default Date
03/01/2018 09:30 PM EST

Home 0.00
Away 3.00

Match Comms


just vick - BlenderBashQuest
 02/26/2018 06:57 AM EST
Proposed rescheduled match date of 03/01/2018 08:30PM PST

just vick - BlenderBashQuest
 02/26/2018 06:59 AM EST
Wait my mistake. I'm thinking of moving it an hour up instead of back. Let me make sure.

just vick - BlenderBashQuest
 02/26/2018 11:28 AM EST
Okay I just made sure and yes I'd like it to be an hour early. What time zones do you live in? Lets chat about this shall we?

Almonicus - Anatevka
 02/26/2018 09:21 PM EST
Yeah I sent you a friend request on steam, message me there

Almonicus Auto Generated - Anatevka
 02/27/2018 12:31 AM EST
Proposed rescheduled match date of 03/01/2018 08:30 PM ET

just vick - BlenderBashQuest
 02/28/2018 04:58 PM EST
I'd rather it be set back to 9:30 EST because I want Xenogen to play with us and it'll be tight for Pocket and Ze.

just vick Auto Generated - BlenderBashQuest
 03/01/2018 10:29 PM EST
Match score submitted. Final score
BlenderBashQuest: 1.3

sigafoo Admin
 03/02/2018 01:56 AM EST
Match results were incorrectly entered. Score is now 4-0 in the favor of Anatevka.