Season 5

Week 5 - Vigil

Match Date
Not set
Default Date
10/18/2018 09:30 PM EDT
Latest Reschedule Date
10/29/2018 12:59 AM EDT

Match Comms


Tosm - Icy's McSpicy eSports
 10/17/2018 08:22 PM EDT
Can we change our match to Saturday 9:30 EST?

perenne - Hot Dads 6
 10/18/2018 05:51 PM EDT

sigafoo Admin
 10/20/2018 09:38 PM EDT
The match has been forfeited in favor of Icy's McSpicy eSports. The remaining 1.4 points can still be won. Teams can reschedule the match prior to the end of the regular season and play for them.