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rcon exec rgl_koth.cfg


King of the maps (e.g. koth_ashvile_rc1, koth_product_rc8)

King of the Hill (KOTH) maps have one single point in the middle of the map. After a short time, the point unlocks and can be captured. Usually, the point will have to be held for a total of 3 minutes by one team to score a point.

The home team will decide which side they'd like to play.

The winner will be the first team to have won four rounds.

A half in koth will be after a team has won two rounds. Meaning a minimum of two halfs will be played and a potential overtime half if a team hasn't won four rounds in the first two halfs.

example game:
In the first half the home team wins 2 rounds, and the away team wins 1.
In the second half: the away team wins two rounds and the home wins none.
The score is now Home: 2 | Away: 3. Since neither team has won 4 rounds, we go into an over time round.
In the third half: the away team wins the first round and the game is over as they've achieved 4 round wins.