More bans and stricter rules

   Drapperbat   - 5/28/2019
Further evidence has come into light regarding doxxing and releasing of private information. Sending screenshots, releasing personal information, or sending Facebook/other social media links of another person in the TF2 community without their permission is unacceptable behaviour.

I understand that this behaviour occurs outside of the RGL Discord, so you might argue it is not our business to ban players for something they did outside of RGL. However, I have always wanted to promote RGL a safe, clean community of players that can be trusted. A quality league will always trump a large league in my eyes, and a league where players must play games with the people who released their information is not a quality league.

For the releasing of private information, we are banning the following players until the end of the year:
76561198278067465 - Dream
76561198053522366 - JoshChap

From this point forward, we will be mirroring the North American rules around doxxing: Even threatening to dox will result in a minimum 12 month ban from now on.

On the subject of toxicity towards banned players:

Players have recently been harassing banned members of this community. I expect all members of RGL to be civil their peers, BANNED OR NOT. I understand personal grudges, but making light of pedophilia accusations by changing their Steam name to defamatory statements, creating memes designed to make fun of banned players, perpetuating antagonistic jokes within our pugs and officials, etc. is not a culture I want within this league.

You're obviously entitled to your own opinions and responsible for your own actions, but players who are found doing this type of behaviour in a way that affects RGL will receive a 2-4 month match and community ban depending on the severity. Repeated offences will result in harsher punishments. Doxxing banned players will apply the same punishments as the doxxing of an unbanned player.