Season 3 Wrap-up and Our First Map Test Cup

   dempsey   - 6/28/2019

Season 3

After a fantistic third installment of our European Prolander league, we’d first like to congratulate the top teams of RGL-Invite:

  • 1st Place: Super Dickmann’s KANNONEN!, who took not only the golden trophy home, but also a prize of $600!
  • 2nd Place: Faint Gaming, with a prize of $250.
  • 3rd Place: GIMME F*CKING OPPONENT!, with a prize of $150.

Of course a big congratulations and thank you to the winners of our other divisions.
  • Div 2: my name jeff
  • Open: Jesan & Big PP (Pro Players)

Following the season we offered a survey to players, in order to receive feedback and continue our tradition of continously improving our league service by taking the opinions of the players into account. If you’re interested in checking out the survey results for yourself, there’s a fancy infographic which outlines the results.

We also have some exciting news to announce for the 75% of survey respondants who were interested in some inter-season competitions: RGL’s first European map test cup!

Map Test Cup

The cup will be used to test out three new potential maps for the following season of Prolander:
  • koth_warmtic_b6
  • koth_bagel_rc2
  • cp_gravelpit

The goal of the cup is to experiment with maps currently not considered for prolander usage, and ultimately expand our map-pool to offer more exciting and varied seasons.

The cup is planned to take place over three days: 19th, 20th, and 21st of July.
  • The 19th of July will be used as the default date for cup matches, with three games at 19 CEST, 20 CEST, and 21 CEST.
  • As managing to play three full games without interruption or issue can and has been an issue for teams in the past, we’re allowing teams to rescheduling their matches to the 20th of July if needed. No games are planned to be played by default on the 20th of July.
  • Finally, the 21st of July will be when the playoffs of the cup are played.

In order to ensure the best experience possible for playoffs, the structure and logistics of the playoffs stage are to be determined during the cup, depending on various factors including sign-up numbers and potential drop-outs.

One last piece of news, RGL European Prolander will return with our fourth season on the 12th of August! More details of the next season are to be released shortly.