Annoucing the One Day Cup #3

   sigafoo   - 8/17/2018

Season 5

If you want to join the Prolander fall league, registration is still open and the league begins on September 13th. You play one match per week, for 5-6 weeks. Plus there is 2-3 weeks worth of playoffs. Participants will get their own PRO medal. Register your team or join our solo queue system.

Register here for RGL Prolander season 5

We also have the Highlander fall league starting on September 10th. You can register for that at

One Day Cup #3

We are incredibly excited to announce our third One Day Cup. We've had over 70 teams combined in our last two cups and are looking forward to another successful event.

This is a great way to have you/your team try out Prolander. You'll play 4 shorter matches and one playoff match. The top half of teams in your division will win keys and entry is free!

And the cool part is that you win keys based on your division! So you will be placed in a division with 7 other teams of your skill level and that's where you will fight for your keys.

All participants will get a badge for playing.

More information/registration for the One Day Cup