Join the tf2 revolution

   sigafoo   - 7/30/2018
Behind the scenes are RGL we've been trying to put some big ideas together. The idea of trying something different in competitive tf2 started with the Challenge Cup and here we are almost two years later with three major announcements.

Fall League Registration is Live

We've had great success with our cups and league and are looking to continue to push them forward. We delayed the EU second season by a few months so it can start at the same time as our other regions. Most seasons will begin in the second week of September, most of the leagues are free to play and most importantly... they're fun.

North America

- $4,000 prizepool
- Free entry for the majority of divisions
- Free solo queue league


- $1,000 prizepool
- Free entry

Australian / South East Asia

- Free entry
- Free solo queue league

$2,000 - Solo Draft Cup

What would happen if instead of seeing the same old teams sign up time and time again... we let anyone signup, no teams, no parties, but a true solo queue experience. Then we put some money on the line and see what team can pull together to come out on top.

That's the idea with the Solo Draft Cup. You will register by yourself. A week prior to the cup and we will select captains and hold a draft. The drafted teams (6-10 teams) will play in either round robin or swiss style system of 5 shortened competitive matches. The top half of teams will move on to the second day, the knock out stage and we'll walk away with a winner.

Depending on the number of teams, we're planning on paying out to 40-50% of the teams who register. This is players with a decent amount of competitive experience, looking for silver/plat level players.

Find out more and sign yourself up today!

Highlander has come to RGL

My first love of competitive tf2 was Highlander and I loved it. Though I've moved on to Pick/Ban Prolander, it is still something that I enjoy and I've always wanted to help put out a better league for it.

It just so happens that several of the top leaders felt the same way and approached me about starting up an RGL branch for Highlander. We've worked together and are launching that today. A majority of the top teams have already switched over and a couple more dead teams are coming back to life to play in RGL Highlander.

This will play on Monday nights, so you can play both in the Prolander and Highlander leagues at the same time. You can find out more and register for this at the highlander portal of RGL.