sigafoo   - 4/22/2018
Here at the end of season three, we once again see Froyotech resting comfortably in the Grand Finals. However, their challenger will be the newcomer, Faint Gaming, who has risen out of nowhere this season and seized an opportunity to win it all this Sunday.

This is Faint Gaming's first season in Invite, having been offered to join after winning Div-1 last season. They shocked the prolander community by starting off with an upset over Velocity Esports and continued their fantastic game play through out the season. even coming close to pulling an upset against Froyotech on Coalplant. These teams also met in the first round of playoffs, and Froyotech dominated. The match was a stark contrast from their regular season match-up. Now the question is, what version of Faint Gaming will we see on Sunday? Will they come out swinging and put up a good fight, or will Froyotech have an easy victory?

Froyotech has picked Viaduct as the first map of the Grand Finals, while Faint Gaming chose arguably their best map: Coalplant. The deciding match in the event of a tie will be played on Badwater.

Froyotech is the favorite to win it again, but if Faint Gaming can play smart, not allow themselves to get tilted, and continue to play well together as a team. then they have a good chance. Froyo's individual DM is impressive, so Faint can't try to force too many 1-on-1 fights and must instead rely on their flex classes and coordinated pushes.

We are all excited for this final match-up of the season, and we hope you'll come out and join us for the Grand Finals!

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Sunday @ 9:30pm Eastern