Down the Home Stretch

   sigafoo   - 3/19/2018
Most of RGL Div-1 and the Rec league are already into their playoffs, but we still have one regular season game left in RGL-Invite. TFCrew will be fighting Faint Gaming on pl_upward tonight for a shot at the playoffs.

While Faint Gaming has been strong all season, TFCrew has struggled to find their rhythm. Both teams were new to Invite this season, but Faint Gaming's experience and success in Div-1 as Mo' Money has given the foundation they needed to quickly rise to the number two seed as TFCrew are still trying to find their footing. TFCrew struggles the most in two main areas: their ability to change classes when the time calls for it and a weakness at the sniper position. The best way to respond when your sniper can't step up is to either run a spy to help get picks or to focus pressure onto the enemy sniper so that he can't do his job. Either way, TFCrew must figure out the optimal strategy tonight as they are currently just 2.4 points behind 4th place OMNI5. Their last shot into the playoffs requires them to not just beat Faint Gaming, but to not drop a single round.

Power Rankings

#1: Froyotech

Froyotech claims the top spot once again, having yet to lose a single game in RGL. While they shown some weaknesses king of the hill maps, their unrelenting DM and aggression allows them to win consistently and makes them the obvious favorites to win it all. Still, while no other team has been able to take a match away from them, a few have been able to draw blood. Froyotech is great at adapting their playstyle to fit the scenario, which is what Prolander is all about. However, it's still possible that, if the winds blow just right, someone might be able to kill the king.

#2: Faint Gaming

They've been electrifying this season. After rising from Div-1, we had them ranked as struggling to grab a spot in playoffs. Now, they stand firmly at the number two spot, with their eyes fixed on the Grand Finals. They will play Froyotech next week in the first round of playoffs to secure a place in the finals. Their unique playstyle incorporates a full-time pyro and an adaptive spy and has worked well for them, and their aggression has crumbled less tenacious teams. However, that aggression can lead to over-extension. Playing too far forward has led to poorly timed medic deaths and massive disadvantages. Once they learn to refine their ferocious attack, they will be an unstoppable force.

#3: Velocity Esports

Velocity has so far performed well in RGL, claiming two second place finishes. However, this season has been somewhat of a let-down for them, going into the playoffs with losses to both Froyo and Faint. In the past, Velocity has not played very dynamically. Vipa, their only flex player, has been doing a better job this season at mixing up their team composition, but his efforts alone hasn't quite been enough to overcome their rivals. I'm curious to see as the playoffs begin if they'll be able to step up and once again seize a spot in the Grand Finals or if this will this be the first season where they fall short.

#4: OMNI5 Esports

At the beginning of the season, OMNI5 struggled to get going. This is Daffodil's third team in RGL-Invite, and he desperately needed to get something going for him. Luckily they have turned it around, and are now playing with a fire in their gut. With just a little more coordination, they could easily challenge the best. In their most recent game versus Velocity Esports on Viaduct (a 4-2 Velocity win), their unique playstyle came through and Daffodil on soldier helped keep Andrew down and opened up the game.

If they make it to playoffs, it is quite possible for them to upsetting Velocity in the first round match. I'm not sure they're ready to go all the way, but if they can tighten up and play intelligently, it will be up to them on how far they can go.

Check back later, as we will have playoff match times listed!