Froyotech vs Velocity eSports - Match Breakdown/Predictions

   sigafoo   - 11/7/2017

Battle for the Grand Finals

In undoubtedly the match of the season. The two giants of RGL will clash on the battlefield of badwater. (1) Velocity eSports will be taking on (2) Froyotech tonight (Nov 8th) at 8:30 Eastern. The match will be casted at Though both of these teams have secured their spot into the playoffs, the regular season seeding is very important.

The structure of the playoffs is that 3rd plays 4th, with the winner of that match playing the 2nd place team and the winner of that plays the 1st place team in the Grand Finals. Meaning that the team that wins tonight match, will secure 1st place in the regular season and thusly a spot in the Grand Finals. Meaning they will walk away a with minimum prize of $800!

Froyotech has yet to lose a game in RGL ever and beat a former version of Velocity eSports last season in the Grand Finals. It seems though Velocity, now under the leadership of Jarrett, is stronger than ever. Lets breakdown this match up!


It’s hard to place a bet against the reigning champions and even harder now that they picked up Boar on sniper in Week 2 of this season. Who’s been absolutely dominant this season consistently top fragging for his team. b4nny on scout is insane, in over 50% of matches this season he top damages for his team. His poke and run style is highly effective and reminds me a lot of Ruwin’s dominant playstyle back in UGC S8 team “The Syndicate.” Their flex player arekk is, in my opinion, the best flex player in the league. Unlike many other flex players, he switches between classes fluidly and understands the fundamentals of how to play them and more importantly… when.

The rest of the line up blaze, cookiejake, habib and sigh are all top players in their respective roles. Unusual for the format, but froyotech often likes to play offensive when it is their choice to pick for payload maps. It shows their confidence in putting up a great time and making the other team feel the pressure during their offense to try and match it.

Velocity eSports

Formerly known of dK which took 2nd place last season. It seems that Velocity has only gotten better since that loss in the Grand Finals. Though bo4r left the team mid-season to go play with froyotech. The pickup of Andrew has let them not miss a beat. Only having drop one round so far, and that was the week they did not have a sniper main on their team.

The main they did have all season on their team is Karl. Probably the best heavy currently playing the game. Though his personality can be cocky, he at least has the skills to back it up. In particular he’s very aware not just for spies, but players flying in the skies. The fastest player on the team, shamoo their scout, is a sneaky good player. Though his name is not as well known as his counterpart this match, he is regularly top fragging for his team. Jarrett who leads the team does not tend to have flashy stats with a lot of frags, but does help out by putting out so much damage. Vipa on the flex role tends to play a lot of spy, though he is fantastic at it, sometimes it can hurt his team if extra firepower would be better. Marmaloo and skeez round out their roster and have done well all season.


This really will be a game that will come to moments and team coordination. In last season’s Grand Finals, during pl_upward, dK did a great job on defense holding Froyotech for as long as 10 minutes! However when it came to offense, it was where they crumbled. Will they have learned from their mistakes last season? With Vipa probably running a heavy dose of spy, his focus on bo4r can help open the door for Andrew to walk through. Though he’ll have to play incredibly smart. Often the problems with spies against froyo is their timing. Froyo tends to be very spy aware in downtime, but, like any team, are best to strike in the heat of the battle. I think Vipa could be the difference maker tonight if he’s able to be coordinated with his team's pushes.

Andrew verses Bo4r is a hard match up to call. Honestly I could easily see these snipers trading back and forth the top fragging privilege. b4nny will be the other monster that Velocity will have to deal with. He tends to play aggressively on the flank on defense, particularly on the final point. This can devastate a push, if he’s able to catch 1-2 people out prior to the uber exchanges. Really this is what froyo rely on… winning the 1v1 battles. Just out DM-ing the enemy team. This is how they won last season on upward, on defense and it’s their best bet tonight. Add in the fantastic engineer work of arekk on defense and often it feels like it can be impossible to break their hold.

I think Velocity could win this tonight, but it’s hard to best against the Champs.

My prediction - Froyotech 2 - Velocity eSports - 1

Find out what the reality will be in this great match up tonight! Streamed live on eXtv’s twitch channel.

Tonight (Nov 8th) - 8:30pm