- One Day Prolander Cup - hosted by

   sigafoo <3   - 12/13/2017

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I'm incredibly excited to announce a free one day TF2 Prolander tournament where 50% of the teams who enter will win keys! At, we've been wanting to host a public tournament for some time and are glad we will finally be able to do so.

A team or just a group of seven friends can enter into the tournament. We will look at the past experience of the players on the team and put them into a group with seven other teams of similar skill. The top four teams in each division will win keys. The first place team will win 14 keys and 2nd-4th will win 7 keys.


  • When: Sunday January 7th
  • Start time: 1pm Eastern
  • Matches: Every team will play three matches
  • Length: Will last about 5-6 hours
  • Where: We will provide servers for teams to play on

If you don't have a team, but want to play. You can sign up in our Looking For Team section of the website. is sponsoring the One Day Cup! is a fast and easy to use TF2 trading website, with the ability to trade all different qualities, type and classes in only one trade. They have a very large amount of items to choose from and accept more items than any other site. They even have Unusual Banking! In the last three months they've already had 10,000 traders who have made more than 60,000 trades.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the staff on or public discord.