Pick/Ban Prolander Rules


The game is 7 verses 7 with a classlimit of 1.

Prior to each game teams go through the pick/ban process. Teams can also agree to use the default whitelist instead of using the p/b process. Either way, all decisions must be put into the match comms in the match page.

Pick/Ban Process

All pick/ban processes will start out with four default bans (Machina) Some cosmetics and taunts will also be banned by default. All Pyro Update weapons can be banned or saved. Default weapons cannot be banned currently (e.g. Medigun, Scattergun). The Red Tape Recorder is also banned by default, but this is due to glitches related to it.

The Order
- Away Team Ban / Home Team Ban / Away Team Ban / Home Team Ban / Home Team Ban / Away Team Ban
- Home Team Pick / Away Team Pick
- Home Team Ban / Away Team Ban / Home Team Ban / Away Team Ban

All weapons which are picked can be used by either team. All weapons which are banned cannot be used by either team. By the end of the process you’ll have 4 default bans + 8 player chosen bans for a total of 12 weapons banned.

Default Whitelist (Updated 11/2)

The default whitelist can be used in place of the pick/ban process. The default whitelist is include in the config download or at http://whitelist.tf/7934 .

Week 1 Exceptions

Only for week 1, we will not do pick/bans for divisions below comp high.

Rec League
Teams are allowed 2 subs without having to gain approval from the other captain (provided they are valid) and the subs do not need to be free agents, though they will need to be registered on the website.

Match Days

Default Match Days

Competitive High: Tuesdays 9:30 Eastern
Competive Low: Thursdays 9:30 Eastern
Recreational: Thursdays: 9:30 Eastern

Match result deadline: Monday 3am Eastern

Leaders can suggest new match date/times to the leader they are playing against. Once a match is setup in the RGL system, the leaders can agree to play at anytime as long as it's before before the match result deadline.

Regular Season Maps

Maps for the regular season will be selected ahead of time by RGL.

Best of Three (BO3) Playoff Map selection

For playoff matches which are best of three maps. Leaders will need to go through the pick/ban process of maps.

Order will be dictated inside of the Match comms

For BO3 Map series, teams will only partial matches. Koth will be first team to 3 and Stopwatch will only play one half.

Season 1 - Map Pool

- pl_badwater_pro_v9
- pl_upward
- pl_borneo

- koth_product
- koth_ashville

Map Rules

Stop watch

Stopwatch maps include Payload (e.g. pl_badwater) and Attack/Defend maps (e.g. cp_steel)

The winner of the map is the first team to win two rounds. A round consist of both attack and defense.

Round one: Home team attacks / Away team defends then Away team attacks and Home team defends.
Round two: Away team attacks / Home team defends then Home team attacks and Away team defends.
If a third round is needed:
Round Three: Home team attacks / Away team defends then Away team attacks and Home team defends.

You will need to re-exec the config in between rounds to make sure you are placed onto the correct team.

King of the Hill (KOTH)

King of the maps (e.g. koth_ashvile_rc1, koth_product_rc8)

King of the Hill (KOTH) maps have one single point in the middle of the map. After a short time, the point unlocks and can be captured. Usually, the point will have to be held for a total of 3 minutes by one team to win the round.

The home team will decide which side of the map they'd like to play on.

The winner will be the first team to have won four rounds.

A half in koth will end after a team has won two rounds or a team has reached four round wins. Meaning a minimum of two halfs will be played and a potential overtime half if a team hasn't won four rounds in the first two halfs.

example game:
In the first half the home team wins 2 rounds, and the away team wins 1. (2-1)
In the second half: the away team wins two rounds and the home wins none. (2-3)
The score is now Home: 2 | Away: 3. Since neither team has won 4 rounds, we go into an over time round.
In the third half: the away team wins the first round and the game is over as they've achieved 4 round wins. (2-4)

Match Points

For the regular season match points will be earned based on how well you did in the match. Meaning that even if you can’t win a game, getting an extra rounds will still help your team out.

Each match can earn your team up to 3 points.


If the home team won 4-0 on a koth map. The match points would be assigned Home: 3, Away:0
If the final score was 4-3 on a koth map. The match points would be assigned: Home: 1.7, Away: 1.3
If the final score was 1-2 on payload map. The match points would be assigned: Home: 1, Away 2

For playoff, there is no match points. The team that wins the match moves on to the next round.


For your team to be considered eligible to play in RGL, you must have 7 registered players on your team's roster. You cannot have more than 14 players on your roster.

If you're unsure, please contact an admin. Some of the decisions will be subjective, but we will do our best to keep it as close to consistent as possible.

Match min players

In order to start a match, your team must have 6 players in the server on the same team. If your team cannot field enough players by the match start time + grace period. See forfeit section.

League Structure

The League is split into two division types. Recreational and Competitive. Recreational leagues are shorter, cheaper, teams are given a pre-setup server and have no prize pool. Competitive divisions put more money into the prizepool and each division has it's own prizepool.

For the Pilot Season 1 - the minimum prizepool is as follows
Comp High - $3,000
Comp Low - $1,000

Inside of a division it’s possible that we may create multiple groups. A group is a collection of teams that play each other, if the division is small we’d only have one group per division. Depending on the number of teams registered in each division, we may break it out into multiple groups. This will be decision will be made by the admins.


For the competitive divisions which are playing for a prize pool. The Comp High division will pay out to less teams and be more stacked towards the top teams. The Comp Low division will probably pay out to more teams than the high division, but with the money more evenly spread out. We do not have set payouts right now as we need to see how many teams sign up.

The tentative plan would be to comp high 1st place to pay around $1500. Comp low first place would get $300-400. Again these are not set in stone.

For more info on how/when payouts happen, please consult RGL general rules.


As this is the first season of RGL and P/B Prolander, we will either be doing single elim or double elim depending on the number competitive of teams registered. For the competitive division playoffs will last for four weeks.

For the recreational teams they will be single elimination playoffs and last for up to three weeks.


Teams are ranked based on the number of points they’ve earned in throughout the regular season.

Tie-breakers happen in this order

1. Head to head record
2. Least amount of penalty points
3. Most Rounds won

If they are still are tied after going through all three of these. Then we will do a one round run off game on a koth map.


A substitute is someone who is not rostered on your team. Teams are allowed to have one substitute play in a match with them as long are they are a valid player, without having to ask. Though it does need to be listed in the match comms. If you have want to have a 2nd or 3rd sub they must ask the other team first. Make sure any agreements are put into the Match Comms.

You cannot have more than three subs play with your team. Having to use four subs is considered a forfeit.

Valid Substitute

To be valid sub, you must meet these criteria

- You are either on a team or a free agent in the SAME DIVISION as the team you will be playing on.
e.g. Your sub is register in Comp Low and your team is in Comp High. They would not be a valid Substitute.

- You have not sub’d for the team more than three times

It’s okay for a player to play in a match if they are not registered in RGL, but they MUST become a valid substitute within 72 hours of the match being played. If they do not, the match result will be overturned and your team will receive a penalty.

Too many forfeits

If you team has forfeited three or more games. Your team will be expelled from the league for the rest of the season. Players from the expelled team can still play for other teams, as they will become free agents. The team however will be disbanded.

Registration Deadline

After the week 6 games, all teams will be locked. No new players will be allowed to be added to a roster.

Server Selection

All teams will be provided servers to play their

Leader specific

Leaders must be responsive to the Admin staff

It will be common for the leaders of the different leagues to be in contact with the Admin staff of RGL. It is important that leaders respond in a timely manner and are respectful to the staff. Failure to do so will result in penalities against the team. These infractions will be completely at Admins discretion, in count and severity, and a warning may not be issued prior to the penalty being given.

Comp High Exceptions

Competitive high players will have rules which may override the RGL rules or rules above.

Team names

There will be higher scrutiny over team names in Comp High. If admins deem your name not to be up to RGL’s standards. We will ask you to change it. If after a couple attempts you still cannot come up with a reasonable name. The admins will select one for you.

Team Tags

Team tags must be easily recognizable to the team in which their for. If the admins deems your tag not to be up to the RGL standards. We will ask you to change it. If after a couple attempts you still cannot come up with a reasonable tag, the admins will select one for you.

STV demos are mandatory

For every match that is played an STV demo must be recorded. It is the responsibility of the whoever owns the server (the home team) to be able to provide them when requested.

Comp High Players must match their RGL alias

During casted matches comp high players must match their RGL aliases. Though it doesn’t have to be exactly 1 to 1, anyone who glances at your name should be able to instantly understand who you are. This decision is completely at the discretion of the admins. Each incorrect nickname will result in it’s own minor warning.

Casted matches must start on time

We expect more out of the top teams and one them is to be more punctual. For matches which aren’t casted, teams will still follow the standard start time. For matches which are being casted, if the match does not start within nine minutes of the start time. The team(s) which are not ready will be issued a minor warning. After that, every six minutes that passes without the match starting another minor warning will be applied to the team(s) which are not ready.

If a team has received three minor warnings, the match will be forfeited.

If you know your team cannot start on time, please contact an Admin or the production team immediately.

Casted matches may use RGL server

RGL will have a casting server which casted matches will the teams will play on.

Casted matches server credentials

If your match is being casted and for some reason is not being played on the RGL casting server, then you must provide an Admin with the rcon password and stv info for your server.

Messing with the cast

If a team messes with the cast by: changes maps, executes the off config or anything which turns off the STV so that the viewers cannot see the conclusion to a match. A major penalty will be applied against the team. An appeal process can be opened up to get this reduced to a minor warning.

Players streaming cast must be delayed

If a player is playing in a casted match and is also streaming their POV (e.g. through twitch.tv) they must put their stream on at least a 3 minute delay. Players who fail to adequately delay their stream will be subject to penalties as well as their team. These penalities stack (e.g. if two players doing this one time would cause a major warning against the team.)

1st time: Verbal Warning
2nd+ time (or 1st time during playoffs): Banned from next match

1st time: Minor Warning
2nd+ time (or 1st time during playoffs): Major Warning