RGL Rules

Who can play

We welcome any player to sign up to RGL, however, RGL reserves the right to exclude certain players from any competitions as they see fit.

Registration must be on your main account

As a rule of thumb, your main account is the account in which you first registered on steam with. Alternative (Alt/Smurf) accounts are strictly forbidden. Registering for a league using an alt account, will cause that account to be banned as well as your main account. Regardless of whether you’ve also registered your main account up to a league.

Depending on the level of severity of the case, it’s possible match results could be over turned for matches in which the alt account played in.

- You cannot be registered to multiple teams
- Once the season is active, you may only make two team changes

The only exception to this is if the team left was completely disbanded.

North American League

RGL is currently only a North American league. People outside of NA may sign up for RGL, but teams are under no obligation to accommodate your play. (e.g. Teams cannot be forced to play in a NY server to accommodate you.)

If your ping causes the game to be unplayable for other players. (e.g. your character is constantly jumping around, etc...) You may be blocked from NA competitions.

Sportsmanship / Spirit

Poor sportsmanship through abusive chat/nickname/avatars is not allowed.

Whether in the site or in chat during a match. It is expected that you will treat your opponent with respect. Light hearted banter will not get you punished, but it’s subjective. When in doubt, don’t speak out. Any offensive chat and/or spamming of binds can lead to penalties for you and for your team.

Account sharing is strictly forbidden

If you live in a household where multiple people who play in RGL use the same IP, please contact the RGL staff so we will not flag your account. Anyone caught sharing accounts will face potential bans as well as having matches potentially overturned. Each decision will be made on a case by case basis.

VAC Bans

If your steam account has a VAC banned, you will be banned from RGL until the VAC ban is a year old.

Default League Timezone

The default timezone for RGL is the eastern timezone (EDT/EST) though you can change your personal timezone in your settings page. Articles and some other places will still show the default timezone.

Match Communcations

Match Communications (Match Comms) is the place where all final agreements should be recorded by both team leaders. If an agreement is made in match comms, it cannot be retracted unless both team leaders agree to retract it in match comms.


Committing or aiding fraud in any way is strictly forbidden.

Examples of fraud include, but are not limited to:

- Manipulating screenshots, chat logs, match results
- Impersonating players, RGL staff, or contact of the league
- Non-permitted acquisition of profits (e.g. selling roster spots, monetizing RGL content without permission, etc…)

We will review each case individually and and assign penalties as we see fit.

Betting and Gambling policy

RGL holds no responsibility for risks connected with gambling or betting on third-party services. This includes (but is not limited to) lost bets, overturned results or other events leading to the loss of valuables and/or profit.

Players caught betting on their own matches, taking bribes or having an incentive to tamper with the genuine result of a match in any way are subject to penalties such as league bans and potential bans on the third-party service site. Naturally the usage of alternative accounts or other people as betting proxies is also forbidden, accomplices will face a penalty as well.

Disruption of RGL and it’s services are strictly forbidden

Causing disruption to the RGL ( the RGL website, RGL matches or any other service run by RGL) is strictly forbidden. This includes (but is not limited to) intentionally connecting to an in-game server during an ongoing match, tampering with server settings to disrupt or create an advantage for a team, attacking a server with a Denial of Service attack, connecting to a team’s voice server during an ongoing match with the intention to cause disruption etc.

Every case will be reviewed individually and penalties may vary based off of the severity of each offense. Any decisions made will be at the discretion of the admin team and all circumstances are going to be taken into account.

Players must record their POV's for every match

RGL staff can request demos from any/all matches from that season. An upload page will be provided on the RGL site where the user will be expected to upload them. Failure to upload the demos with in 72 hours of the request will result in penalties.

Player Penalties
- First Time: No Ban.
- Second time: Player is banned for two weeks from RGL competitions.
- Third Time: Player is banned for two months from RGL competitions
- Fourth time or more: Player is banned for one year from RGL competitions

Team Penalties
- First Time: Minor warning which will be removed if the demo is uploaded
- Second time or more: Major Warning that cannot be removed

Match Configs

Match servers must use the latest version of configs and the correct version of the map listed on the match page.

Match Logs

Match logs must be uploaded to logs.tf. You can set your server to automatically upload logs very easily, so you do not need to worry about it.

Match Start Times

If a team takes longer than 15 minutes to start the match they are considered to have forfeited. On top of this, the team which forfeited will also receive a penalty.

You can only ready up if your team has at least six valid players on the correct team.

1st Forfeit - Minor Warning
2nd Forfeit - Major Warning and -20% of any prize winnings
3rd Forfeit - Team is expelled from the league

To claim a forfeit you must INSIDE THE SERVER tell the other team you are requesting a forfeit if they do not ready up in the next 60 seconds. The other team then has 60 seconds to ready up. If they do not ready up, then they have forfeited the game.

If you are going to claim a forfeit, make sure to gather all information possible. Including screen shots of the match, console status, demos, logs, etc… Anything to prove that they were not on time and please contact an Admin as soon as possible.

The team that did not forfeit will be awarded 1.5 match points. The teams can reschedule and play again to play for the remaining 1.5 match points. If a team is not willing to make up the match then admins have the right to choose distribute the remaining matchpoints as they see fit.

Player Swapping

A team can switch a player out with another valid player during a match, with or without a pause. Players can be switched out due for connection/computer issues, sudden life event, etc… They cannot be switched out for strategic reasons. (e.g. We need a spy, so you swap out someone to put in your spy main.) Only one player can be switched out per map. A team cannot have more than 7 players on the server. Meaning, if you need to switch a player out. The player currently on the server must leave prior to the new player joining.

Match Pauses

A team is allowed one technical pause per game. Two pauses if it’s a BO3 map series. If you need to pause, clearly request it in the game chat with a reason. (e.g. “Pause, sniper is lagging”.) The team who owns the server is required to pause the game within a reasonable time. Not in the middle of a push if it’s happening, but within at least 15 seconds of the request. Not responding to the request may result in penalties.

You cannot resume play of the match until you’ve clearly stated to the other team that the unpause will be happening. (e.g. “Unpausing in 5 seconds.”)

A pause cannot be longer than 5 minutes.

Penalty System

3 Minor Warnings = 1 Major Warning
1st Major Warning = deduction of 1.5 points
2nd Major Warning = deduction of 3 points
3rd Major Warning = expelled from league

Penalty system during playoffs

If infractions happen during playoffs, instead of removing points. Teams will lose a percentage of their total payout from that season.

Minor Warning = 5%
Major Warning = 20%

If multiple penalties happen, the percentages stack. As in, if your team has two minor warnings, the second warning isn’t 5% of 95%. It’d be 10% total. Any money which is removed, will be donated to a charity of RGL’s choice.

In division where there is not a payout. We will handle those on a case by case basis.

Leaders must be responsive to the Admin staff

It will be common for the leaders of teams to be in contact with the Admin staff of RGL. It is important that leaders respond in a timely manner and are respectful to the staff. Failure to do so will result in penalties against the team or, in extreme circumstances, Admins appointing new leaders. These infractions will be completely at Admins discretion, in count and severity, and a warning may not be issued prior to the penalty being given against the team.

Other rules

Whoever is the home team is to provide the server. The server must be reasonable to be played on for a majority of the players on both teams. (e.g. If half of the away team have pings above 110+ then a new server should be used.) This rule only applies to players in NA. If a player is from outside NA, they do not need to be accommodated by the home team. Servers must be located in NA, unless by chance both teams are located in the same region.

- Servers must be password protected
- Servers cannot have unusual or abnormal settings, or anything that affects a vanilla play experience negatively/detrimentally
- Servers must be in sv_pure 2 mode
- Bug/exploits are not allowed

Masking ping is not allowed

Bugs in maps/weapons/etc… are not allowed and will be punished on a case by case basis. If you’re unsure if something is a bug, contact an admin.

Cheating is not allowed

Any sort of cheat is not permitted. Any player found guilty of using cheats of any support will be banned for a minimum of 1 year from RGL. There is no appeal process. If another player on their team undoubtedly knew/aided/supported their cheating, they also may be subject to a ban.


Scripts that allow a player to perform an action in-game that he would not be able to execute without the script, or scripts that purposefully disrupt the player hitbox are banned. Scripts that freeze or glitch the player model (e.g. in mid-air to be less predictable) to make it harder to hit are also banned.

Example of allowed scripts
- Duck jump script
- Null-cancelling movement script
- Rocket jump script
- Mask uber script
- Team say scripts

If you are unsure about the legality of a particular script, please contact an admin to clarify the situation before using the script in an official match.

Prize Payouts

Payouts will be made to players two months after the end of the last grand final match. Leaders of the winning teams will need to provide RGL with information how the money should be distributed to their team (Up to seven different players.)

Payouts can come in one of two forms:

- Check Through Mail ($0.30)
- Payment through Paypal (Standard paypal fee appox. ~3%)

Fees are covered by the player and taken from the payout.

If a winning team expecting a payout has one of their players VAC banned for any reason before the payout is made. It will be reviewed by the Admins and most likely the team will have their title revoked and they will receive no payout. Any winnings they would of won, would be passed down to the next team.