Hello everyone! The information listed below is designed to be a guide for you, the player, as a helpful resource or in case you experience any issues. It will also serve as a resource if you are unsure how to do certain things in the realm of competitive Team Fortress 2! If you have any issues that are NOT discussed below, please do not hesitate to contact a RGL.gg staff member in our public discord!

Happy gaming, and best of luck to you in this exciting pilot season in the RGL.gg league!
RGL Rules
Pick/Ban Prolander League Rules


A substitute is someone who is not rostered on your team. Teams are allowed to have one substitute play in a match with them as long are the substitute is a valid player. There is no need to ask permission when adding the first substitute for a match. (This information does need to be listed in the match comms.) If you have want to have a 2nd or 3rd substitute, these people they must be approved by other team prior to the match and this information must be posted in match comms.

Valid Substitutes
- Need to be registered as a free agent or on team in the SAME DIVISION as the match
- A team cannot have more than three subs playing. Having to use four subs is considered a forfeit.
To be valid sub, you must meet these criteria:   Skill level for divisions
      -Recreational Solo Queue - Can’t be consistently higher than silver (exceptions may be made)
e.g. Your sub is register in Comp Low and your team is in Comp High. They would not be a valid Substitute.
- You have not subbed for the team more than three times

It’s okay for a player to play in a match if they are not registered in RGL, but they MUST become a valid substitute within 72 hours of the match being played. If they do not, the match result will be overturned and your team will receive a penalty.

All Players

  • Make sure that you have POV demos recorded (We recommend having them saved online via Google Drive or Dropbox.)
  • RGL staff can request demos from any/all matches from the current season.
  • Please post in match comms as soon as possible. If you are unsure how to properly submit match scores please contact a RGL.gg staff member for assistance.
  • Match Communications (Match Comms) is the place where all final agreements should be recorded by both team leaders. If an agreement is made in match comms, it cannot be retracted unless both team leaders agree to retract it in match comms.

Managing Your Server

Useful RCON Commands
rcon_address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
rcon_password xxxx // Access the rcon cvar

How to change maps
For stopwatch (payload | attack/defend)
rcon exec rgl_stopwatch
rcon changelevel [mapname]
rcon sv_password [password] //This will put a password on the server

For Koth
rcon exec rgl_koth
rcon changelevel [mapname]

Make sure you run the config BEFORE changing the level! If you don’t do this the STV and certain configs will not turn on.
rcon maps // displays all the maps installed on the server

Rcon kick "X" // kicks player by name, can be difficult to kick if the player has awkward characters.
    - A more surefire way to do it would be rcon kickid userid/uniqueid "message" // kicks player; userid = first 2/3 digits in 'rcon users', uniqueid = steam id

Non-rcon commands
    Type "status" inside of the console to retrieve all the steam id’s from the people playing in the server. This can be used to make sure that the people playing on the other team are the right opponents.
    A pause is used when a player disconnects or is having technical difficulties. Typing "pause" in console will pause the game, allowing a person to reconnect. Make sure to unpause when the player is getting to the receiving server information to allow the player to get back in the game.


You can agree to do the pick ban process anytime before the match. This d allows you to scrim using the whitelist of your match. We recommend setting up a time for this as soon as possible.

Solo Q Team will use the default whitelist unless both teams chose to go through the pick ban process via Opt-In in match comms.

Competitive Low Team will use the default whitelist unless both teams chose to go through the pick ban process via Opt-In in match comms.
Competitive High
Teams must go through the pick ban process.


Recreation League

Competitive Low
BO3 maps, Single elimination with 1st and 2nd teams getting a bye week.

Competitive High
Competitive High has a Page playoff style bracket which is rewarding the top tiered seeding teams.